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Dear Friends,

Our party’s greatest strength is our mass movement of dedicated members and activists. I have no doubt that over the next five years you will be on the front line defending our communities against this Boris Johnson Tory government.
I want to make sure that your time is not wasted, and that together, we take the fight to the Tories.

But we need a campaigner in chief to lead our fight back.
I’m standing to be leader of the Labour Party because I believe I’ve got the strength, experience and passion to take the fight back to the Tories now, and lead us on the long hard road to victory over the next five years.

Let me tell you why:

  • I‘ve been fighting for social justice all my life.
  • I’ve been a Labour member for 42 years, knocking on doors since I was 17.
  • There’s no campaign we’ve fought over that time where I wasn’t on the front-line; as a member, as a lawyer, as an MP, and as a Shadow Minister.
  • I’ve spent two years going head to head with Boris Johnson at the dispatch box, and I showed him up every time. I am Boris Johnson’s nightmare opposition leader.
  • As Shadow Foreign Secretary I have called out human rights abuses around the world, promoted peace, and stood up to Donald Trump.
  • And I fought for climate justice as a member of the UK delegation at Copenhagen ten years ago, and continue to fight the climate crisis today.

From the dispatch box to the doorstep, I know I can lead our fight back. We need my strength, experience and passion to win back trust in areas where we lost at the election. And we need a strong policy platform, shaped by party members on the ground, rooted in communities.

We must be what the Labour Party at our best has always been: the party of public services, the party of equality, the party of social justice, and the party of hope. But most importantly, to be the party that brings about change and improvement for people all across the UK, we must once again be the party of government.

We can only do this together. I need you with me in this fight, so please join me in moving our party and the country forward.
Members are the bedrock of our party, and I want members like you to put me on the ballot paper. I need the support of CLP’s across the country, and I’m asking for your nomination so that together we can start the road back to the next Labour government.


Emily for Labour Ltd, registered in England & Wales at 65 Barnsbury Street, London, N1 1EJ. Company No: 12410820.